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Home Renovations

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Caloundra, SUNSHINE COAST, Queensland 4551

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We are a Caloundra building design business offering a complete home renovations design service from simple outdoor living renovations to large home renovation makeovers on the Sunshine Coast. Even though our home renovations have won industry awards, our focus on customer service sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Virtual home renovation tours are now part of each project we do. This gives you piece of mind knowing your renovation isn’t going to look like a tragic afterthought. Having lived in the Caloundra area for the last 28 years we can’t afford to do a poor job.

The question that needs to be asked when renovating is, “Is it worth renovating?”. Home renovations, additions and extensions can prove to be very time consuming, expensive and challenging to say the least.  With the Sunshine Coast being one of the least most affordable places to live in the world, you don’t want to go and overcapitalise. A conservative design approach and budget are key requirements when tackling home renovations. Plan for the unexpected, it will prove to be a wise approach. If your choice is to renovate then there needs to be a commitment in mind and attitude in achieving the desired end result. Home renovations should not be considered as a cost effective way of realising the dream home but an inconvenience that is necessary, for the most part, to capitalise on location. The sunshine coast has many prime locations meaning renovations, extensions and additions for the most part prove to be worthwhile. You need to consider that the improvements that you make could also be achieved in a new home, so make sure you get some professional honest advise. It could save you a lot of heartache.

Photography by Paul Smith Images

Photography by Ross Eason

To complete a successful renovation, having the right approach and a balanced design philosophy is very rewarding. We are only satisfied with our solutions if we could live in the spaces ourselves. In what we do, there is a large amount of forethought that is required to ensure that long after the renovation is finished you are still enjoying the rewards of good building design solutions.

One of the key objectives with renovations is to make a seamless integration between the old and the new elements of the home. Often cleverly positioned facades can provide a distraction from seeing where new structures join with parts of the existing home. The right solution is critical. If your renovation entails making small changes to an ageing home then the design solutions you will need will be very different from those required for a total home makeover where entire finishes and structures are added and made new.

When renovating your home you will have the chance to make those long awaited kitchen, bathroom and laundry improvements. You’ll also get the chance to re-decorate. Interior decorating is not something that your home builder will do but can be done in consultation with an interior design professional to compliment your home renovation, furniture and your lifestyle.

Check out our image gallery. You will be surprised to know that the homes in them are renovations.

Contact us to speak to our friendly staff or e-mail us by clicking on the button below to request an appointment to discuss your home renovations design.

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Noosa Heads Residence

Tanawha Residence

Home Renovations

Home Renovations

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