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Custom Design Homes
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Custom Design Homes

Michael Bugden, director and lead designer of Good Building Design is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading residential building designers. He has over 18 years experience in low to hi-end residential design with his homes winning numerous housing awards. Michael is well known for his professional yet personable approach to his clients. He is well known for his creative approach to residential design, looking to challenge himself and his clients thinking. Michael has designed homes in Vanuatu, New Zealand, Western Australia & Queensland, with the Sunshine Coast containing a number of his iconic designs. Michael developed his skills from working with iconic award winning designers over the years. You can view some of his exceptional home designs via Google Street View here.

Being a creative individual Michael juggles musical recording pursuits, a passion for photography, a love of computer animation and film visual effects and anything design orientated. The desire to master creative pursuits is what drives him to excel in what ever he applies his mind to. Check out some of his computer graphics art which he has used as a training ground for his commercial artist impressions and animation.

Photography by Tim Graham

Photography by Ross Eason

Custom Design Homes

What he has experienced over the last 17 years is that we live in spaces defined by walls. Where we place those walls defines those spaces. This in essence is the job of a building designer. It separates the draftsperson from the designer in that the designer spends time walking through the spaces in their mind, being able to evaluate it and change it, at will, to maximise the resulting space. Michael being a designer with a creative imagination and a vivid sense of how the spaces he creates effect people makes him a creative professional. To be able to resolve the connection of spaces in his mind before he puts pen to paper is the mark of a thinking person that makes good use of the power of the mind. These qualities are seen in some of the worlds best architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Meier. Their thinking was what revolutionised architecture.

Architectural flare, with custom designed homes, is something he is careful of keeping in balance. His desire is to balance architectural individuality with the need to service people. A friendly approach, is what he is told by our clients, sets him apart from others and believes the service he offers is unlike any that you will experience with a custom home building designer.

During his years of designing custom homes he has built up a substantial professional knowledge base covering all aspects of the custom designed home market. His understanding of how each of the local Sunshine Coast councils differ, with their numerous requirements and many planning regulations that form part of building a large home, has become key to his professional success. Having engaged with town planning professionals on an ongoing basis over this time he has the advantage of time earned experience that can be passed onto his custom designed home clients, giving them access to his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Contact him by phone to speak directly to him or e-mail him to chat about your custom designed home.

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Minyama Waters Residence

Peregian Springs Residence

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