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Artist Impressions

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All to many times artist impressions miss their mark by improper application of scale and composition causing a 3D architectural rendering to take on a miniature like appearance. At this point the artist has failed to draw the audience into the scene causing a break down in identifying with the subject building. Subtle inclusions of contextual items give the audience the right frame of reference to interpret the scale of the scene. If these references are missing it becomes harder for the audience to relate to the artist impression. Lighting is one of the most important elements in the production of successful 3D architectural visualisation. Successful lighting creates a connection between the 3D scene and the viewer. Being well aware of this we are constantly honing our skills with our artist impressions to achieve this connection. We enjoy working with colour and light and understand the complexities of creating that required mood. Successful artist impressions are a combination of lighting, composition, colour and camera angle. Playing with dappled light and the feeling of a lazy afternoon under the shade of a large tree is just one of the many treatments that we apply to draw the audience into the scene. Sun location, amount of shadow and light contrast, over exposed areas of wall and careful selection of background to compliment sun direction of the image are just some of the consideration that are taken into account when achieving the desired end result.

We have spent considerable time researching the best solution for modeling plants within our 3D architectural renderings and have employed a very powerful application that allows us to botanically model palms, broadleaf trees, conifers and bamboo in 3D. This helps to soften the feel of the artist impressions. The only real trees are those in the background photography which are important in grounding the architectural rendering into the environment and reinforce the artist impressions plausible character.

Having participated in lighting challenges and submitted our CG artwork for critique by world leading graphics industry lighting artists we are in a position to offer exceptional quality photorealistic architectural renderings.

Contact us to speak to our friendly staff or e-mail us for a quotation for your next 3D architectural rendering. We’d love to serve you with a product we are passionate and excited about.


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3D Architectural Renderings

3D Architectural Renderings

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With over 10 years experience in the graphic design/print media field and 17 years building design experience we are one of the best sources of 3D architectural renderings and visualisation. This coupled with our desire for an outlet for our comprehensive artistic abilities and the complimentary nature of 3D architectural imaging means you get artist impressions that are centred around our desire to achieve a high artistic standard as well as capturing architectural appeal. With our building design experience and knowledge of how numerous building materials and their scale fit into a scene we are able to offer artist impressions that are both centred around the architectural details that go into the appeal of a home as well as the environmental characteristics of a given building product. All of which go into realising the goals of the designer and the appeal objectives of our customer. This is where our 3D architectural renderings are superior to graphic artists. Our building construction experience ensures a correct portrayal of the building in 3D, conveying to the visual senses of the target audience the designers intent.

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